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EssenceThe Interdisciplinary Research in the Mathematical and Computational Science (IRMACS) Centre is a unique, interdisciplinary research facility that enables collaborative interaction - intellectually, physically and virtually. IRMACS removes traditional boundaries between scientific disciplines and creates a stimulating environment for its researchers, whether they are involved as project members or as visitors. It provides a versatile, computationally sophisticated infrastructure for nearly 300 scientists whose primary laboratory tool is the computer.

The Centre is designed to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas. The configurable, open research facility efficiently incorporates a diverse community of scientists, research associates, and students, in a flexible manner. A proportion of the assignable space is also set-aside for short-term and sabbatical visitors. Whether on-site or around the world, the IRMACS Centre researchers enjoy expert technical support and state-of-the-art computational, visualisation and communication resources.

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The Images & Videos Galleries provide an excellent overview of the IRMACS Centre's facilities and infrastructure as well as a glimpse into the types of research being conducted.


The IRMACS Centre offers collaborative research space for a variety of projects areas. The project areas are grouped into research clusters that cross disciplinary boundaries and exist in a diverse range of areas, including bioinformatics, health science, criminology, and the performing arts.


Within IRMACS' walls and virtually, using its technological infrastructure, about 500 "meetings" are presented annually. The events range from major conferences and workshops to colloquiums, coast to coast seminars, and meetings. Actually, approximately one third of the events that occur within IRMACS link a local researcher or research group with researchers at other locations regionally, nationally and internationally!


The centrepiece of the IRMACS Centre is its Presentation Studio, seating up to 100 people. The studio is a state-of-the-art audiovisual environment including a high-resolution 3D projection system. It also forms part of the global network of AccessGrid videoconferencing rooms.

The flexible meeting rooms and Presentation Studio have been configured to facilitate seminars, lecture series, workshops, meetings, conferences and sometimes very unique events such as dance shows and movie premiers! In order to create highly interactive environments, these rooms contain technological infrastructure such as plasma computer displays with touch-screen interfaces. There are also several breakout rooms to encourage small group discussions.


IRMACS researchers make extensive use of the IRMACS infrastructure. Besides the 25,000 sq. ft. of lab and meeting space as well as the 90 lab workstations, researchers enjoy the advanced desktop, wireless, cluster, collaboration and visualization technologies. The infrastructure is supported by a team of professional technicians.


The IRMACS Centre capitalises on SFU's strengths in groundbreaking and interdisciplinary research together with the expertise of its technically sophisticated researchers. It is a bold research initiative that was funded in part by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF) and by Simon Fraser University. IRMACS is a Class B University Centre reporting to the Simon Fraser University VP Research.

The IRMACS Team is led by Dr. Felix Breden who is supported by a Management Committee, a Board of Trustees, an External Review Committee, and by a professional Management Team and Staff.