The IRMACS Centre has successfully supported hundreds of researchers since it's opening.  We interviewed some of them and here's what they had to say.

For more videos about the IRMACS Centre see below:

The IRMACS Centre's Introduction Video provides a great overview of the facility, its role, and its people. Enjoy the video and then contact IRMACS if you have any questions.

On April 9th, 2010 the IRMACS Centre celebrated five years as an institute.  Part of the celebration included putting together a short documentary style film. The movie tells the chronicle of the Centre through a series of testimonials. The message is about the IRMACS Centre's contribution to the scientific community as told by the IRMACS members, visitors, users, staff, and collaborators, past and present, through stories about their personal experiences. The outcome is a mosaic of stories, memories, facts and anecdotes, connected by photos and movie clips of people and events.

Click here to watch "IRMACS The First Five years".