MoCSSy: Computational Criminology Symposium: Registration and Opening Remarks

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
12:30 - 13:00


Keynote Speakers: Dr. Paul Brantingham (Criminology, SFU) Dr. Eric Beauregard (Criminology, SFU) Dr. Arvind Verma (Criminal Justice, Indiana Univ.) Dr. Nicolas Figueroa (Industrial Engineering, Univ. of Chile) Dr. Alexa van der Waall (CSMG, IRMACS)

Student speakers: Ms. Mona Vajihollahi (PhD student in Computing Science, SFU) Ms. Katie Wuschke (PhD student in Criminology, SFU).

The MoCSSy Program is a research and training generously supported through the SFU Community Endownment Trust Fund. The programs aims to bring together research from Criminology, Computing Science, Geography, Health Science, Mathematics, and Statistics to develop novel modelling methodologies and applications exploring complex social systems. In this symposium, world-renowned researchers who have been applying interdisciplinary research approaches to advance the field of Criminology will present their research and results.

There is no fee for this event, but registration is required. To register please go to:

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