Coast to Coast Seminar Series: "The Potential for NGS Databases of Antibody Repertoires for the Pharmaceutical Industry"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
11:30 - 12:30

Dr Jacob Glanville
Chief Science Officer, Distributed Bio, Seattle


In the past five years, high throughput immune repertoire sequencing has gone from a novel technique to a ubiquitous assay in immunology, bioengineering and diagnostics discovery. Although the method has given rise to numerous companies and has become increasingly commoditized, its users continue to grapple with the challenge of identifying best applications, best analytical practices, and creating models that fruitfully capture the fundamental diversity structure of the data under investigation.

In this seminar I'll introduce our mission of commoditizing routine interpretation of complex repertoire datasets, and review some of what we consider to be the most and least productive uses of repertoire sequencing that have emerged.

About the Speaker

Jacob Glanville did his undergraduate studies in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley, with an emphasis in Genetics, Genomics and Development. He performed research in two academic laboratories that specialized in quantitative biology. In Dr. Glenys Thomson's HLA Population Genetics laboratory, Jacob designed HLA allele drift simulators, and developed equivalency metrics across HLA typing protocols of various resolutions. In Dr. Sjolander's Berkeley Phylogenomics Group, Jacob published an automated webserver pipeline for phylogenomic functional analysis of proteins. In March 2008, Jacob was recruited to become Principal Scientist at Pfizer's Rinat research facility, where he developed novel computational immunology methods for characterizing and optimizing functions of the adaptive immune system. His published research emphasizes the sequence, structure and functional analysis of antibody repertoires for characterizing genetic variation in patient populations, optimizing phage display libraries based on profiles of natural selection, and engineering monoclonal antibody biologic medicines. Jacob joined as the Scientific Director of Distributed Bio in April 2012.