Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics

Fred Popowich


VIVA is a leader in the creation of a sustainable visual analytics (VA) research community in Canada, with a local focus on activities at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the University of British Columbia (UBC). VA research often involves the study of real world problems encountered by industry and government organizations. VIVA has helped develop a Canadian visual analytics research network (CANVAC), with Vancouver as a centre of visual analytics research, expertise and educational programming. VIVA also has developed the capability to train visual analytics human resources from all areas, e.g., university students and company employees, and at all levels, e.g., novice and experienced, in a VA learning environment that includes access to a wide range of VA tools, to real data, and to the best practices and researchers in the field. How can VIVA help Academic Researchers? • VIVA can help researchers create compelling VA-related research proposals and research teams. • VIVA can provide access to real world VA problems, datasets and tools in its VA research and instruction laboratories (VARI-Labs). • VIVA can help evaluate VA tools and methods. • VIVA can help find support for students working on VA-related research projects. How can VIVA help Companies and Organizations? • VIVA can bring together researchers, students, subject matter experts and VA tool experts to solve problems by analyzing an organization's large datasets, its big data. • VIVA offers VA-related technical courses and workshops for developing the VA capabilities of personnel. • VIVA provides access to VA tools within its VARI-Lab facilities and can help conduct VA tool evaluation sessions. • VIVA can provide access to visual analysts and VA tool specialists, as well as graduating students who are knowledgeable about VA methods and tool use.