High Performance, Large Area Thin Film Electronics


The rapid evolution in materials and process fabrication technologies is posing new challenges and creating novel applications in electronics. One driving force in this evolution is silicon thin film technology on rigid and flexible substrates, which has fueled newly emerging research avenues including large area, rugged, solar panels, flexible electronic displays, digital X-ray imaging systems for biomedical applications and security screening, implantable systems, smartcards, RFIDs (radio frequency IDs), fingerprint and biotechnology sensors and biometrics. The ever-increasing demands of these emerging solar panel, display, and imaging applications require higher performance devices. In addition, achieving the ruggedness and resilience provided by flexible substrates is also fast becoming a necessity.The primary objectives of the proposed research are to develop (1) high mobility, high stability, thin film transistors (TFTs) and (2) high efficiency, lower cost, thin film diodes on non-standard, flexible substrates for large area imaging, display and solar energy applications. The research is interdisciplinary because it draws upon fundamentals from engineering, physics and applied mathematics in order to successfully develop and model large area electronic systems (i.e. imaging, display and solar energy)