Faculty of Health Sciences Data Warehouse Development


This project will be in aid of the partnership agreement signed between SFU and the BC Ministry of Health. It will provide the group at SFU the opportunity to obtain the data obtained from the Vital Statistics Agency, load it onto our server and operationalize the system. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between SFU and the BC Ministry of Health allows for SFU to receive an exact duplicate of the Vital Statistics database (with regular updates) to support the research community in BC and beyond, subject to specific protocols governing data access and use. To support this activity, we need to bring the data onto our own system and operationalize it. IRMACS provides an ideal location for the activity. The data warehouse, in which these data will reside, will eventually be housed in ACS and linked via a secure and dedicated portal to a secure dry lab facility in the new FHS building.