Global Media Monitoring & Analysis Project


The objective of the Global Media Management and Analysis Project is to bring together the technology and methods of various media analysis research initiatives into a consolidated system. This project will enable researchers to capture, archive and analyze multiple broadcast and new media inputs necessary to support collaborative media analysis research. It will consist of automated digital media capturing facilities (via satellite and off-air receivers and cable/Internet streaming), segmentation facilities, databases, and servers to enable indexing of metadata linked to the media data; facilitate distributed access to permit faculty and graduate student researchers to search and view media, and to permit a "check-out" of media content for editing and presentation. Researchers participating in the project stretch across many Communication streams of inquiry. The server based system organizes and manages various media, including citation lists, audio, video, images, text, and other files. The media becomes part of a database that can be annotated, indexed, and searched allowing researchers to analyze large sets of media. This also permits collaboration between multiple researchers by unifying systems of media analysis. The system will also allow compressed versions of the media and metadata to be "pushed" to web servers for more general distribution to affiliated labs and researchers involved in media analysis. Among other benefits, the project will provide a unique centralized facility to standardize media data collection, indexing and distribution to support innovation in analytical methodologies as well as cross-disciplinary collaboration with other IRMACS, SFU, national and international projects.