Software Technology Lab

Uwe Glaesser


Software technology builds on math, science and engineering. Systems design is a creative activity calling for abstract models that facilitate reasoning about the key system attributes (desired requirements and resulting properties) so as to ensure that these attributes are properly established prior to actually building a system. Such abstractions are best understood in terms of discrete mathematics and computational logic. Mathematical precision is essential for systematically analyzing blueprints of a system design to uncover and eliminate design flaws and weaknesses that often go unnoticed otherwise.Research and development at SFU's Software Technology Lab aim at bridging the gap between formal and empirical approaches by improving the practicability of applying formal methods and computational tools to challenging problems in high level design of distributed, embedded and mobile systems in a variety of application contexts. Beyond classical systems design, we also engage in interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research in computational criminology, distributed information fusion, public safety and security, and social networks.