Complex Systems Modelling Group at the IRMACS Centre


Modelling Complex Systems Relevant to Social Welfare

The SFU Complex Systems Modelling Group is a collaboration between the IRMACS Centre, the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies (ICURS) and the Faculty of Health Sciences. The focus of the group is on modelling complex systems relevant to social welfare. Key to any successful model of a complex system is that it must exhibit the salient features of the real system and yet not be more complicated than is absolutely necessary. The art of modelling lies in making the complicated seem simple. This has been the guiding principle in our approach to modelling.

The group has been enormously successful. For example, CSMG has been working with the B.C. Ministry of Health and the Regional Health Authorities to collaborate on a variety of projects that have resulted in a large collection of governmental reports and peer reviewed papers. The Surgical Waitlist Project and the Modelling Home and Community Care project have both been used for budget forecasting for B.C. The Home and Community Care project methodology and results were presented as a Keynote Address at the Health Care Leaders Community Health Care Conference 2008.  The Modelling Acute Care project has provided the B.C. Ministry of Health a model that quantitatively examines how hospital bed count and patient access to care interrelate.

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