Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage: Theory, Practice, Policy

Award Month: 
March - April, 2009

A major international research initiative "Intellectual Property (IP) Issues in Cultural Heritage: Theory, Practice, Policy" has been co-developed by Dr. George Nicholas (Simon Fraser Unversity), Dr. Julie Hollowell (Indiana University) and Dr. Kelly Bannister (University of Victoria) and funded by SSHRCs MCRI program. A team of 50 scholars and 25 partnering organizations is working to explore and facilitate fair and equitable exchanges of knowledge relating to archaeology. The team is concerned with the theoretical, ethical, and practical implications of commodification, appropriation, and other flows of knowledge about the past, and with how these may affect communities, researchers, and other stakeholders. The Project provides a foundation of research, knowledge and resources to assist archaeologists, academic institutions, descendant communities, scholars, policy makers, and other stakeholders in negotiating more equitable and successful terms of research and policies through an agenda of community-based research and topical exploration of IP issues.

About Project Leader: Dr. George Nicholas

Dr. George Nicholas is Professor in the Department of Archeology at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Nicholas is a co-editor of the series World Archaeological Congress Research Handbooks in Archaeology” and between 2001-2007 he was the Editor-And-Chief of Canadian Journal of Archaeology. His main research interests are biodiversity, phylogeny and evolutionary heritage. Dr. Nicholas' interests are broad ranging in terms of research questions, temporal and geographic focus, and theoretical orientation. What links various themes in his research has been Dr. Nicholas' concern with (a) landscape, both cultural and archaeological and (b) the quest for representativeness in both the archaeological record and our approach to, and interpretation, of it.