Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) Program

Award Month: 
September- December, 2010

The unifying theme of this project is the modelling of the complex dynamics that drive the linked epidemiologies of crime, disease, homelessness and other social ills in urban neighborhoods. The program brings together an interdisciplinary research group of academics, practitioners, and service providers that have a proven track record of success. The MoCSSy Program is funded by SFU Community Trust Endowment Fund and is housed at the IRMACS Centre. Two main goals of this novel, interdisciplinary program are: - to generate a modelling and visualization tool set that is applied to elevate the knowledge and understanding of urban complex systems at an unprecedented level, and - to develop a new generation of researchers who understand and address problems related to the complex dynamics of urban systems through computational and mathematical modelling. Among the current research projects in the MoCCSy Program here we mention "Co-offending Networks Analysis". In this project a group of researchers from the SFU School of Computing Science, the SFU Department of Criminology, and the IRMACS Centre have been building a method on how to infer the co-offending network from large scale real world crime event data. For more details about this project and for the full list of current and past MoCSSy research projects and their descriptions see The MoCSSy's Graduate Certificate Program offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to apply their interdisciplinary knowledge to research, in an environment that is second to none in Canada - the IRMACS Centre. As a member of the IRMACS Modelling Consortium, the MoCSSy Program, together with other research groups from the Consortium, is aiming to significantly contribute to the accomplishment of the following objectives stated in SFU's "Academic Vision, Outcomes and VPA Goals for 2013": Seek for opportunities for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teaching and research; Support opportunities for new and interdisciplinary program development; and * Establish support mechanisms/structures to promote interdisciplinarity in teaching and research.

About Project Leader: Dr. Vahid Dabbaghian

Dr. Vahid Dabbaghian has been the Director of the MoCSSy Program since June 2009. He completed his Ph.D. thesis on computation of representations of finite groups in 2003 at Carlton University under the supervision of Dr. John D. Dixon. Dr. Dabbaghian divides his research interests between the field of Computational Algebra and the field of Mathematical Modelling. He has published multiple scientific papers and technical reports. Dr. Dabbaghian is a co-author of the book "Modelling in Healthcare" published by the American Mathematical Society in 2010.